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Action in Gaborone
Action in Finland

ToyJoy means that the students simultaneously collect toys in order to send them to Botswana, where the toys will be distributed to underprivileged children in orphanages, kindergartens etc. In distribution we will use the contacts made within the international education and resource network - I*EARN. The idea of ToyJoy is to collect and share a dear toy that will bring joy to another child on the other side of the world. The toys, even if second-hand, must be in good shape and intact. It is an essential part of the general idea that the toys are not brand new, because new toys can be bought by the parents and lack all sentimental value. In ToyJoy the students/children give away something of their own which they have cared for. Even though a child does not have any money it may be good for him/her to realize through this project that some children have too man toys and some have too few .. or maybe none at all.